unitQ Score is the Voice of the Customer
unitQ artificial intelligence aggregates public and private user feedback data from dozens of external and internal sources, like App Store and Google Play Store reviews, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Zendesk and support chatbots. unitQ proprietary machine learning and natural processing models filter out the noise and focus only on feedback related to product quality issues and bugs.
Why unitQ Score Matters
unitQ Score is, at its core, a reflection of an organization's product health, and customer sentiment now and into the future based exclusively on real-time real user feedback. unitQ Score is designed to enable companies to take a measured, data-driven approach to their product quality efforts, fix issues faster, and leverage insights into roadmaps and product growth. Higher scores equal better products, and more satisfied customers — period.
What Your unitQ Score Means
Your unitQ Score is an indicator of the positive versus negative product quality reviews users are making about your brand. A unitQ Score closer to 100 indicates a brand has few product quality issues overall. It means users enjoy your product, the experience is well-designed, easy to use, responsive — and is virtually free of bugs, broken flows, and operational mistakes.
How unitQ Score is Calculated
A unitQ Score of 90, for example, means 90% of an organization’s user feedback did not contain product quality issues when evaluated through the lens of unitQ algorithms. A unitQ Score of 90 means that 10% of customer feedback contained product quality issues.

A unitQ Score of 75 indicates that 75% of an organization’s user feedback did not contain product quality issues. However, a unitQ Score of 75 also means that 25% of customer feedback contained product quality issues.
Interpreting a unitQ Score

95-100 Epic: Best in class product quality.

85-95 Good: Strong product quality, room for improvement.

70-85 Fair: Satisfactory product quality, lots of room for improvement.

0-70 Poor: Weak product quality, urgent improvement required.

How to Increase Your unitQ Score
The intelligence to bolster the unitQ Score stems from the power of unitQ and its artificial intelligence capabilities. The lower the number of product quality issues, the higher the unitQ Score. Detecting, investigating, prioritizing and fixing issues identified by users increases unitQ Score, bolsters developer KPIs, enhances customer satisfaction and ratings in app stores, attracts new users and drives new revenue streams.